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S. D. College of Pharmacy & Vocational Studies is committed to become one of the leading centers of higher education in the region while serving the intellectual, cultural, social, environmental, and economic needs of the students. As a result, Institute will invigorate and strengthen the region and state through its educational programs, research initiatives and outreach efforts.


S. D. College of Pharmacy & Vocational Studies is devoted to discover, communicate and apply knowledge in a complex and changing world of Pharmacy. The university identifies, attracts and graduates students of high potential for education. Through a commitment to excel in teaching, research and service, Institute prepares students for lifelong learning and for responsible participation in the global community.

Programme Educational Objectives

1.  To trained students with good knowledge along with practical efficiency as professional Pharmacists.

2.  To produce a pharmacist having skills and ability equivalent to International standards of Pharmacy Training.

3.  To trained the students for maximum utilization of available materials for possible use in Pharmaceutical Industry.

4.  To motivate and encourage the students for further studies after graduation.




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